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The 1 product that will take your brand visuals to new heights

Last month, I launched my 1 on 1 branding consultation and trust me when I say it is filled with great information that can instantly transform your business visually!

As a little treat I want to share with you today some of the useful tips from this branding consultation. But before we get started let me tell you how it works.

This online branding consultation is a 1-2 hour long online meeting where I help my clients understand the visual elements of a brand. I break these down into 4 main categories and then I help you discover what you are doing well, and what needs to be improved. 

Each section includes pointers that will aid you to discern how well you are doing, as well as what needs to be worked on. I also share helpful tips for each of the sections that will help you elevate your brand even more!

Now let me share with you 1 tip from each section and how you can implement it in your business.

Logo and branding – I cannot stress this enough… Colour is the number one design element that can make a difference in your branding. Just by using a unique colour scheme, you ensure brand recognition by up to 80%. Consider updating your brand colours to shades that are unique to your aesthetic.

Website and social media – Stop trying to sell, instead tell a story, connect with your audience on a deeper level. Know – like – trust – get to know your audience and build a relationship with them. Once they trust you they will buy from you. Instead of showing a product, tell the story behind it!

Products and packaging – When focusing on package design, don’t consider just the look of things, but rather the experience your customers have. Focus on the 5 senses – how the product looks, feels, and smells. You might not be able to affect the sound and taste but a few details could change that. Opt for tissue paper, instead of plastic paper that makes a crumpling sound. All these experiences will help your clients have a positive connection to your brand. 

Photography and Video – People buy your products and services because they see the value through the content you share, so focus on always elevating your images and videos which will ultimately increase your sales. Before photographing your products, consider creating a Pinterest board with inspiration images, this way you can refer back to those ideas and visual concepts, making photography easier. 

If you found these tips helpful, I suggest you go check out my 1 – 1 branding consultation.

Trust me when I say, you will not regret it. 

Hi! I'm Elisa.

I’m a designer, illustrator, creative entrepreneur, self- proclaimed Ghanaian at heart, and mom of 2 boys and lots of animals

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