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Creating art with a purpose

The job of an artist isn’t just to create something beautiful. Our job is to use art to educate, to inspire and to make the world a better place.

And this is exactly why I love what I do.

Hi there!

My name is Elisa Castagna. I am an illustrator, author and artist based in Ghana, where I work from my home studio surrounded by my precious boys and my dogs. I am originally Italian, but I have lived in Ghana my entire life. I have been practicing art in all forms since I was a child, and it is my passion to create that has led me to where I am now. There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t work on something artistic.

I love to travel and experience different cultures and ways of life. I am very passionate about nature and find a lot of my inspiration from things around me. My ultimate goal is to create art that serves the environment and educates children and adults alike to protect and nurture our only home.

If you would like to know more about me, please read my blog post here, which goes into much more detail. You can also follow me on instagram to get some real behind the scenes with my beautiful family and art.


As you many have already noticed there are two very distinct parts of my art. I work both digitally and traditionally. As beautiful and advanced it is to design digitally, there is something about holding a brush and dipping it in paint, that I just can’t resist. 

When I paint, I work in different mediums, though I am slowly shifting more into watercolour, as it is more eco friendly. My original paintings focus on capturing the beauty of nature. The depth, textures and colors which are ever changing, are the reason I can’t stop painting. 

On the other hand my digital art is more fun, bright and kid friendly. I focus on using design to educate and inspire children of all ages. From learning about nature, to recognising and naming animals from all over  our planet. I am a strong believer that colors and forms can educate and change the world.

To top it all off, after 1 long year of hard work, I have self published my first children’s book about 2 brothers on their adventures in nature.

Please join me on my journey as I discover, create and teach through my art.