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Brand Discovery Quiz

Hello you!
Have you ever wondered if your logo and brand identity are actually working to your benefit? Do you often question if your brand’s visual identity is effective?
This brand discovery quiz is the only thing you need to use to evaluate whether your brand is succeeding visually or if it needs extra work.
Often times we think that logos and brand identities are just a waste of money and resources, but how you present yourself to the world says a lot. This quiz will help you understand what areas of your business are doing well visually and what areas need more of your time.
This quiz includes
  • 3 proven facts about how good brand identities and company visuals help your business succeed
  • A section about brand aesthetic
  • A section about logo and brand identity
  • A closer look at your online presence
  • An outline to plan which visual aspects of your brand you need to work on first.

GHS 250.00