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Project Spotlight: La boul’Accra

While having the kids home from school in 2020, I had the opportunity to rebrand the sweetest bakery in Ghana, La Boul’Accra. 

For those who don’t know, La Boul’Accra is a French bakery run by Fleur in East Legon. I am a dear fan of their apple tart and for the first time ever, I like a non-chocolate dessert more than a chocolate dessert. (for those who don’t know I have a very sweet tooth but only liked desserts made of chocolate, until I tasted items from La Boul). 

There’s nothing else quite like this bakery in Ghana. They make sure to bake from only the best ingredients, they put in a good effort to reduce and reuse their plastic and in general all the staff I have met are very sweet and super cool! As part of the rebranding, I felt the need to incorporate this unique and fun aspect of their brand into the illustrations. I love that these designs now have a permanent home on my website. 

The aesthetics of these designs were inspired by ‘la Marianne’, the traditional iconic French woman, who was the national personification of the french republic since the french Revolution. Liberté, égalité, fraternité, I am sure you’ve heard of that before. 

The main concept was to recreate the modern french woman. A symbol of hard work and perseverance. 

Here’s a look at my preliminary sketches, where we were deciding the main characteristics of the woman. The final decision was to include the traditional  french beret, a peak of the chef’s uniform, as well as the hair up in a bun. 



The previous logo included an icon of a baguette, but that idea limited the brand to be remembered only for their baguettes. The new design of the hard working french woman, encompasses the idea that this is a traditional french bakery, run by strong women!


The illustrations revolve around the products provided by bakery itself. From their breads, to their focaccia and croissants. The fun and bold colours are a combination of my illustrative style and the personality of the bakery. 

Aside from looking tasty, I also really enjoyed creating the unique layout of the menu. Initially I was drawn to a simpler, more structured layout, but the shift in design, made the brand identity resonate throughout.

I hope you enjoyed looking through one of my all time favourite branding projects! Want to work together to bring your own brand dreams to life, please contact me at with more details!


In the meantime, enjoy drooling over these photographs I took of some of the products available at La boul’Accra. You can contact them directly here to make your order. 



Hi! I'm Elisa.

I’m a designer, illustrator, creative entrepreneur, self- proclaimed Ghanaian at heart, and mom of 2 boys and lots of animals

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