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Mistakes to avoid on social media

Social media is a great tool for your brand. It helps you reach an audience that you never knew you had. It allows you to build a community and just sell yourself and your product or services without necessarily having a physical shop. 

We have to admit to ourselves that we are in a digital era and businesses are depending on social media now more than ever. With over 4.7 billion users worldwide it is crucial for businesses to use social media to sell their products and services. 

But there are ways to do this effectively. 

Below are the three biggest mistakes I see people make on social media. I will walk you through how to avoid making these mistakes, to ensure that you thrive from these platforms.


Number one do not try to constantly sell something. There are thousands of businesses trying to market their products and services on social media. Stand out by keeping it personal and remind your audience that there is a person behind your business. Use the ratio of 70/30 of which 70 is selling and 30 is connecting with your audience and showing yourself.  You can do this easily by showing behind the scenes of your work, how you actually create the product or service and the time and energy that goes into it. If you run a small business you can share personal moments of your life as they pertain to your business. For instance if you are in the home decor service, you could share a little snippets of your own house and how you keep it organised. Remember that people connect with people and the more they can relate to you, the more they will feel connected to your brand. 

The second mistake, is something we have all done before. Do not post just for the sake of posting. Develop a marketing plan that will allow you to create content specific for the products you have available at that specific time. If you know you are about to launch a new product or service consider creating a marketing plan around that. You can show the behind-the-scenes as  you are working on it, different parts of the product to get your followers engaged, as well as a buildup of content for the launch date. This will help you to create conversation around your new product allowing for more eyes on your work. 

The third mistake I see people making is just posting what they do without having a why. Instead of doing that consider educating your followers about each project, help them to visualise how your product or service would make their life better. Instead of focusing on selling focus on solving the problem of the client. If you want to sell wardrobes one of the problems your customers may face is organising their clothes so do not show them the wardrobe but show them how they can use the wardrobe to stay organised. Market yourself as a solution to the problem.

There you have it. These are three common mistakes that you can easily avoid simply by creating a marketing plan and a solid strategy around what you post and when. 

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