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3 quick tips to update your home

I have planned and worked on this blog post for several weeks, but it feels uncomfortable to speak about home renovations now, when millions of homes in Lebanon have been destroyed due to the explosion. 50% of proceeds of anything purchased on my website during the month of August will be donated directly to red cross Lebanon. It is the least I can do. 



Being stuck (but safe) at home for all these months due to Covid is not so easy. Seeing the same walls and doing the same things everyday can get extremely boring. But since there is no other way around it, I thought of writing up some ways to redecorate your home, to give it a fresh feel, without spending too much. I have partnered up with two of my favourite shops in Ghana to give you these quick tips.

Just a couple of changes here and there will help create a fresh feel to your space, without breaking the bank. 



First and foremost, ART. 

The best way to give a personal touch to your home is through the art you choose to display in it. Paintings add depth to your walls, they tell stories and are great conversation starters. Smaller spaces like bathrooms and hall ways should not be forgotten. Often we spend more time here than anywhere else and seeing something new can help bring some positivity to your life. But don’t let that stop you. Paintings are not just meant to be on walls. Think about shelves and cabinets. These are perfect places to display art, especially smaller pieces. 




















My most recent landscape collection is filled with deep, meaningful paintings about the Italian landscapes. Already framed and ready to go these would be a perfect addition to your home. Just a nail in the wall, or propped up on a shelve next to some books. Instantly adding a personal touch to your already beautiful home. 


My favourite tip is to keep a couple of paintings in a wardrobe/ storage unit, and every couple of months take down the ones you have displayed in your home and put up the ones you stored away. This helps to give a fresh look to your walls every so often, without throwing out old ones, or wasting money on art that has no personal connection with you. 


My second tip is all about the bedroom. This is the room we spend most of our time in. A lot of us may consider it only as the place we go to sleep in, yet it is so much more than that. Decorating it to be a place of peace and comfort is really important, as this helps to sleep better. By simply changing the pillow covers and bedsheets, we can create a completely different ambiance.






































Blues and whites are the perfect colors for the bedroom, as they promote relaxation and tranquility. Another beautiful addition is white vintage lace pillows (pictured above). Atelier boho in East Legon has these, along with many other eco friendly items that can turn your bedroom into a little sanctuary, while doing little to no harm to our earth.























Third tip is all about how to turn a boring corner in your home to a place filled with life. Many of us have not had the possibility to go outside and interact with the environment lately, because of corona. This can have a negative impact on mental health. Yet being around plants, and taking care of them is proven to reduce stress. Luckily this tip does just that. 



















If you cannot go outdoors, then bring the outdoors into your home. By adding plants of various heights and sizes, your home will feel so much more alive. Alternating heights of plants, and incorporating fun pots that fit with your interior, will quickly update your home, making it feel cozy and natural. 

Remember that plants are living things, and they need to be taken care of. If you have the time and energy to fill your home with plants, good for you! But if that’s not the case, don’t worry. Focus on only one corner of the house, preferably next to a window. 




















This beautiful philodendron congo rojo tropical plant and the woven basket pot are from Orchidea, in Airport Residential. It’s dark green leaves add so much depth. The one rule here is simple: the more plants the merrier, as long as you keep them alive! Visit the beautiful Orchidea shop to get your hands on some amazing plants. 




















There you have it! 3 tips to update your home, without redecorating it entirely. But let’s not forget to be thankful for all that we already have and not only live surrounded by beautiful things, but for us to also be beautiful and kind inside.


To make a direct donation to help Lebanon please visit the links below:

Hi! I'm Elisa.

I’m a designer, illustrator, creative entrepreneur, self- proclaimed Ghanaian at heart, and mom of 2 boys and lots of animals


  1. Thank you for these great tips!! I’ve finally managed to tidy and organise our bedroom and I’ll be using some the the tips you have shared 🥰. I’m convinced now to get a beautiful plant, add more art to our walls and think about my bed linen 👍

  2. You made a number of nice points there. I did a search on the issue and found mainly folks will go along with with your blog. Christine Salem Retha

  3. I am so grateful for your blog post. Much thanks again. Great. Birdie Tedmund Eberly

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