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My Studio Space

This is where the magic happens! I am a big believer that the space you are in affects your mood and your productivity. This is

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Ever feel like you want to say something to someone but don’t know how? Cards give you the opportunity to do just that. And with

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Activity Pad

Why just read when you can colour too? This activity pad is inspired by my children’s book ‘Let’s Go On An Adventure.’ This way kids

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My job as an illustrator is to use design to educate, inspire & make the world a better and more colourful place. These designs are

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La Boul’Accra

 La boul accra is a  bakery here in Ghana. They make all sorts of things from breads, to croissants and cakes. Fleur, the owner, is

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Create With Mansa

Create with Mansa gives kids the ability to create change through creativity! When Akua asked me to illustrate and design her creative writing toolkit, I

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