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the road home

Framed Watercolor Painting

8 x 6 inches / 21 x 16 cm horizontal

She hadn’t left the house in months. It’s been tiring for her to walk around. Years of hard labour are paying off in aches and pains. But when I asked her, she made an extra effort to make me happy. That’s what my grandma has always done. Picked up herself to make sure we got what we wanted. It was this very day that she found the energy to take us for a tour of where she lived and was raised. It was here that we stopped after several miles in the middle of rice fields. We parked on the side and as I got down, I couldn’t help but notice how the only thing breaking the point where the sky touched the land were these incredible mountains. As much as I think I am a beach girl, it was this very moment that I realised the mountains are where my heart belongs.

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