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moody skies

Framed Watercolor Painting

8 x 6 inches / 21 x 16 cm horizontal

I tend to picture myself in the middle of the rice fields in my home town. I don’t focus on what I am wearing or what I look like, it’s the feelings in my heart and the thoughts in my head that take over. With every passing minute the sky changes, and fills up with heavy clouds. everything has a different mood to it. It makes me think of the happiness in my life. If I am happy, everything around me feels better, if I am sad and my heart is heavy, the same things I saw with so much light are not so bright anymore. This goes to show how we embody nature, how everything on this earth works pretty much the same way, and as the clouds roll out, we remember that this too shall pass.

GHS 750.00 GHS 525.00

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