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Mansa Gold

When I started out designing this chocolate box packaging I did not know it would turn out so beautiful. I was inspired by ‘Bloom’ the Gucci perfume packaging with flowy florals. The Klaas cuckoo bird (native to sub saharan Africa) was the main focus of the brand and that is why it was strategically placed into the right side of the design as well as the interior of the box. I incorporated cocoa pods, butterflies and many tropical flowers such as hibiscus and orchids to tie it back to Ghana. There was a lot of back and forth about the colour options, as I was leaning more towards colour, while the client wanted it to be more neutral. We ended up going with white illustrations, that were outlined in black and leaving the background coloured. This allows us to change the color of the background for each occasion, for instance a pink for valentines day. I was also asked to illustrated the different truffles that would be included in the box. Overall this project was fun but also tasted amazing!

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