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La Boul’Accra new 2021/2022 menu

I had the pleasure of  updating La Boul Accra’s new 2021/ 2022 menu. The focus of this design was to create something more friendly with a larger illustration rather than smaller, singular illustrations. This allows the design to be a more colourful, brighter version of the previous menu. As I worked on it, I realised the sketches were following a theme. ‘picnic and afternoon tea’ became the key words for this project. The most exciting part of the design was creating a cover page for the menu that illustrates the La Boul lady baking. Every single element was designed with a purpose. For instance the fact that there is a recipe book in front of her as she bakes ties back to the fact that the owner did not study to become a baker, rather she fell in love with the process and is learning as she goes. 

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