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longing for the outdoors

8 Original watercolour paintings | Proceeds go to support the Yemen Crisis

Our earth is our home. It is truly all that we have. we need to protect and nurture it.
There is so much we can learn from nature, if only we learn to listen. 

In this time of difficulty, experience the beauty of nature with all it’s colors and textures, through the comfort of your home.

This summer was suppose to be different. It was supposed to be a continuation of my ritual of going to Italy, to slow down and explore. To be surrounded by family and by nature. To celebrate my son’s first birthday in the country he was born. But instead, we have to stay put in Ghana, in the comfort and safety of our home to help stop the spread of this pandemic. 

The best way I could think of to honour my 25 year old ritual of returning home, is through my art. 

discover their stories

a little extra information

All 8 paintings were inspired by photographs I took on my previous trips to Italy. The paintings slightly vary from the image as my focus is always to portray the constantly evolving aspect of nature. 

Each painting is created on a 300 gsm watercolour paper, and framed. If you are ordering as a gift, let me know and I can add a custom hand written note. Free delivery is available for purchases in Accra. If you need delivery out of Ghana, I will price out shipping, and make sure that the cost is ok with you first. 

10% of all proceeds from this collection will be donated to share the meal to help fight the crisis in Yemen. To see children starving to death is so hearthbreaking. I am humbled that I can use my art to help others.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me through email or instagram direct message.