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2020 reflection and my goals for 2021

2020…. all I can say is hmmm 🤣

In the early months of 2020 I was sitting on my couch planning some projects with some friends. We were being very productive and even considered pushing our dates to after summer since we know how impossible it is to work with kids around. We complained about how long summer vacations are with kids and wanted to find ways to keep them entertained. Not knowing what we were about to go through with having all the kids home from school for almost a year! 

I think I learnt my lesson, never to complain about summer vacation again 😀

The most difficult part of being home with the kids 24/7, was not knowing when all of this would end.

Despite all these difficulties, I had set some goals for myself and I managed to accomplish them all! Most importantly writing, illustrating and self publishing my first childrens book. You can find this here! 




I started 2021 on a weird note, I felt I couldn’t plan, or accomplish anything this year because of the uncertainty of it all! ( damn you corona). But then I realised that life in general is uncertain and you go to bed at night not knowing what could happen to you the next day. So I took the uncertainty into my own hands and wrote down some powerful goals for 2021, which I believe I can achieve no matter what corona throws at me! 

The first and foremost is to stop complaining. I admit I can complain a lot. I like to have everything under control. I am not a fan of uncertainty and routine for me is a must or I get anxious. But I also did read here that wanting more and complaining is a human trait. Which takes me to my next goal.


Practicing gratitude can be life changing and it is proven to change the molecular structure of the brain. It also makes you understand you have all that you need in life, and do not need more, which is very difficult to keep in mind considering we are a consumer society.  

The first thing I am grateful for is President Akufu Addo for reopening schools! 

My last main goal for 2021 is growth. 

Growth as an artist, growth as a human and growth as a Mother. I always thought you stop learning when you finish school, but growth happens constantly. It is slow but it happens. This is why I surround myself with so many plants. I like to see how long it takes for new leaves to grow and it serves are a reminder that growth is quiet and slow. ( stolen from my art mentor Emily Jeffords who says progress is quiet and slow! 

I hope this post made you realize the importance of goal setting and why we need to be grateful for every single thing we have. Who knows when and how things will change! 

Lots of love,


Hi! I'm Elisa.

I’m a designer, illustrator, creative entrepreneur, self- proclaimed Ghanaian at heart, and mom of 2 boys and lots of animals


  1. I love this, it really resonates with me. Thank you for sharing Elisa and for putting so much time and love into sharing your personal and artistic goals, it is inspiring and uplifting!

  2. Very nice words Elisa, they are just you. I know how determined you can be, you will continue to grow steadily and quietly.Proud to be the mum of such a great artistic mum ❤️

    • Love you!

  3. I certainly remember those early months of 2020 hehe, such a nice article i enjoyed reading it😘

    • And look how far we have come! We survived having the kids home for so long 😀 and we grew so much as artists!

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